Blank_filmski inkubator offers a film education in English language for non-Croatian speakers living in Croatia.

Each film workshop is organized as a team work project, with 8-12 participants per group, divided in groups by age:

  1. Film workshop for children (5th to 8th grade of elementary school)
  2. Film workshop for high school students
  3. Film workshops for adults

Participants are introduced to main rules and mechanisms of film culture on theoretical and practical level. Participants are acquiring knowledge on screenplay development, film directing, camera and sound devices , editing, film history and film theory. Based on all-around filmmaking routine, the course offers to each participant an experience of every film profession: producer, director, assitent director, cinematographer, sound recorder, editor...

The main goal of each workshop is to make at least one short film developed through the workshop process.

MENTHORS: Dario Juričan, Igor Jelinović

Terms of the workshop are available on request.

If you require any further info or you simply want to apply to one of our workshops, you can do it via
e-mail adress:
or via
phone: +385 (0) 98 9133411.


400 kuna per person for children and high school students

700 kuna per person for adults



camera Panasonic HD / Canon DSLR
computer for digital editing + software
tripod Manfrotto / DSLR rig
boom pole + shot gun microphone + sound mixer + sound recorder
DVD player



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