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Aleksandar Kristek, Daniel Bakotić , Ana MacanZvonimir Mikšić, Nerma Mehadžić, Goran Ferčec, Ivan Mihoci, Božidar Smiljanić, Goran Legović, Zvonimir Jurić, Hana Jušić

Guest lecturers:

Ana Hušman, Zdravko Mustać, Tanja Golić, Dražen Žarković, Dana Budisavljević, Nebojša Slijepčević, Oliver Sertić, Ivan Livaković, Tomislav Šakić, Nikica Gilić, Branko Linta



Blank is Croatian independent non-profitable film association registered in 2003 at Croatian registry office under the number OIB: 37471824981.

Our basic activities are: film production, diverse workshops for film & animation and other cultural & multimedia projects like film magazine Filmonaut (Croatian edition only) and international filmmakers exchange program Who's shooting over there.

Blank is a member of Croatian Film AssociationCroatian youth networkand European Documetary Network.

However, Blank's core buisness are various film workshops:
Film workshop for children
Film workshop for children from 5th to 8th grade of elementary school. Each workshop counts 8-12 participants and is organized as a team work project. Participants are introuduced to main rules and mechanisms of film culture on theorietical and pracitical level. The main goal is to make at least one short film developed through the workhop process.

High school students for high school students
The curiosity of this workshop is that high school students with film knowledge on advanced level teach their high school colleagues who are complete beginners, how to make their own short film. The main goal of this workshop, together with the knowledge acquirement, is to make at least one short film developed through the workshop process.

Film workshop for beginners
Film workshop on beginners level for adults. Based on all-around filmmaking routine, this course is menthored by some of Croatia's finest film artists, while participants are developing their own ideas with an aim of finishing at least one short film by the end of the workshop.

Film workshop for retirees
Film workshop for people who are retired. Participants acquire basic knowledge on filmmaking process and are encouraged to develop ideas, mostly in documentary field, using an elements of social enviroment and phenomenons that directly concern them.

Film workshop for unemployed who want to start a business
This workshop is meant for all unemployed persons who are interested in starting a business on their own. One part of workshop gives participants an overview in all aspects of filmmaking, while the other part is dealing with legal procedures and burrocratic aspects of business initiating. This workshop is completely free.

NGO promo
Workshop for association representatives of NGO scene with an aim of introducing them to tehniques and theory of developing promotional videos for their organsations.

Film school
Film school is Blank's elite educational program. During two months period, participants are menthored by Croatia's finest film artists; they acquire advanced knowledge on all film aspects on theoretical and practical level. At the end, they make their own short film on professional level.

Blanks partners:

Studio Kubus, Kranjčevićeva 9, Zagreb

Suncokret-Gvozd, Trg F. Tuđmana 4,Gvozd

CODIM, Trg I.Kukuljevića 1a, Zagreb

Blur magazine, Ljubičica 19, Sesvete

Restart, Katančićeva 3, Zagreb


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